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Family Member Profiles.....

Since this is a new endeavor and my relatives appear shy about posting anything on the "net", I'll go first. I am a direct descendant of Amelian Dubois - he was my grandfather. Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to know him - he died when I was very young. I didn't know my grandmother at all; she died young on the date of her wedding anniversary. That's why this has become a mission for me. I want my children and grandchildren to know something of their past. When I lived in Louisiana and had small children, they saw the life my ancestors experienced - the bayous; fishing; hunting. My grandchildren do not live in the deep south and have no idea what Cajun life is like. I make it a point to take them on trips back to the "camp" on Bayou DuLarge, just so they can get a "feel" for it.

Okay, I also do this because I'm addicted to genealogy! I got started on this - although most of the research had been done by family members previously - and now I'm working on my maternal family tree (with English ancestors) and my spouse's family tree on both sides (Cajun and German ancestors).

You guessed it - I'm retired.

Here are a couple of my favorite sites: Louisiana History & Cajun History & Recipes



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