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The bond that brings us all together starts with Olivier Dubois and Marguerite Valois.

Olivier Dubois was a Marin (sailor), born April 23, 1734 in Beaubassin, Acadia. Of the Catholic faith, he was christened sometime around May 25, 1734, in Beaubassin. His father, Jean-Joseph Prieur-Dubois was born about 1695 in France and married Anne Vincent, born 1694, Pisiguit, Acadia.

Marguerite Valois was born about 1738. Her father, born in 1702 (and his parents born in the mid-1600's) came directly from France. Life in France in the mid-1600's was filled with war, disease, poverty, and starvation. Marguerite's father, Francois Grosvalet dit Vallois married Angelique Muis-D'Entremont, born in 1704 in Acadia, on January 4 of the year 1730 (or 1731), in Port Royal, Acadia.

There was an initial deportation from Acadia in 1755, then again after the fall of Louisbourg in 1758 when thousands of French Acadians were exiled to France. A third deportation followed when Quebec fell in 1759. Two of the ships sank and hundreds were lost at sea or died soon after arriving in France. The Acadians mainly settled in the coastal areas and small towns around St. Malo, such as St. Servan, in western France.

It is believed that Olivier Dubois and Marguerite Valois were married in 1765. A son, Jacques Olivier Dubois was born Jan. 17, 1766 in Cherbourg, a coastal city in France.

In 1785 Spain paid for seven ships to transport Acadians from Nantes to settle in Louisiana. Although it is not known when or where Olivier Dubois died, it is assumed that it was in Nantes, France. Marguerite Valois Dubois (m.Theriot) died about Nov. 22, 1781 in St.-Jacques, Nantes, France.

Temporary housing, tools and farm implements, and four to five arpents each were given to the settlers when they arrived. The Acadians didn't have to stay on the land they were given, but 80% of them did. More than half settled in the lower part of Bayou Lafourche. As this area became crowded, the Acadians started branching out along the Bayou Terrebonne.

Jacques Olivier Dubois returned to Louisiana to settle in the area now known as Assumption, Lafourche, and Terrebonne Parishes. On November 24, 1785 (or 1786), in New Orleans, La., he married Marie Madeleine Michel, born February 25, 1765 in St. Servan, St. Malo, France. They appear in the 1788 Census of Lafourche-Left Bank with six arpents of land and ten quarts of corn. In the 1790 Census they are on the Right Bank with six arpents of land, fifteen quarts of corn, and four swine. They lived first in Ascension Parish, moving to St. James by 1794. By 1796 they had settled at Plattenville, Assumption Parish, La. They are also shown along Bayou Lafourche in the 1798 Census.

Their son, Narcisse Olivier Dubois was born February 16, 1798 in Plattenville, Assumption Parish, La.

Narcisse Olivier Dubois married Marie Rose (Rosalie Marie) Thibodeaux(aux) on August 2, 1819 in Plattenville, La. Marie's parents were from France, but her grandparents were from Acadia. Their son, Ulyssee Noel Dubois was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1836. Narcisse Olivier Dubois died August 18, 1853.

Ulyssee Noel Dubois was christened in Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La. He put up a $150.00 marriage bond, and married Mathilde Emelia LeBoeuf (b. 1/30/1839) in St. Francois Des Sales Catholic Church in Houma, Terrebonne Parish, La. on April 13, 1861. Their son, Ulyssee Aladdin Dubois was born in Houma, La. on February 23, 1862. No date could be found for the demise of Ulyssee Noel. His wife, Mathilde, died in June of 1901 and is buried at St. Lawrence Catholic Cemetery in Chacahoula, Terrebonne Parish, La.

Ulyssee Aladdin Dubois married Emelie Franceline Boudreaux in Houma, La. on December 26, 1890. Their son, Amelian Joseph Gaton Dubois was born August 7, 1894.

Amelian Joseph Gaton Dubois, a farmer and laborer, married Odelia Adele LeBlanc on November 20, 1915 in Chacahoula, La. They had seven children. Odelia died of peritonitis on her wedding anniversary - November 20, 1938. She is buried beneath her mother (Mrs. Alcide LeBlanc) in a shared grave at St. Lawrence Cemetery in Chacahoula, La. Amelian died in the hospital at New Orleans, La. of liver cancer on September 28, 1953. He is buried in St. Lawrence Cemetery also.

Children of Amelian and Odelia are:

Felicie Margaret

Felicie (fondly called Aunt Ce by nieces and nephews) was born on January 24, 1918. She married (spouse d.) on September 28, 1935. Felicie raised the two children as a single parent; it was tough, but she was a stong woman. Felicie died April 9, 1995 and is buried in St. Lawrence Cemetery in Chacahoula, La.
Felicie's daughter, Odelia Ann, married (spouse d.). They have three children: Robert Joseph married with three children; Robbin Ann married with one child; and, Tina Marie married with two children
Felicie's son, Aaron Joseph married. He has children and grandchildren.

Ernest Joseph
Ernest was born July 20, 1920 in Donner, La. He was delivered at 1 a.m. at home by midwife, Mrs. Ovile Henry, a common practice during this era. His baptism, communion and confirmation were held in Donner/Chacahoula. Ernest attended the local Donner school through the fourth grade and worked as a young boy as a farm laborer and in the sugar cane fields. He later worked for Norman & Breaux timber company. Ernest was a WWII Army veteran. He served in the Pacific and was honorably discharged. Ernest received the Asiatic Pacific Ribbon, American Theatre Ribbon, Victory Ribbon, Lapel button ASR Score, and Good Conduct Medal. In 1947 he married, (spouse living). He worked twenty-five years for Texaco, and retired due to health problems. He died March 8, 1997 and is buried in St. Lawrence Cemetery in Chacahoula.
Ernest's daughter, Susan married (spouse living); with two children: Shawn James married (div); four children - Samantha, Justin, Courtney and Devon. Shane Michael married; one daughter, Hannah Nichole.
Ernest's daughter, Gerry married (div) with three children: Chad has new baby born July 2003, Rhonda Jo, and Cherie who has one child, Madison.

Agatha Margaret
Married (spouse d.) on August 25, 1946. Died January 17, 1995; St. Andrews Mausoleum, Amelia, St. Mary Parish, La.
Agatha's son, Douglas, Jr. married with child(ren)

Agnes Margaret
Born August 9, 1924. Married (spouse d.). Died October 5, 1999.
Agnes' son, O'Neil, Jr. married (div), three children: Jeffrey; Michelle, two children - Amber and Alexandra; and, Tammy, married, two children - Shae and Hannah.

A.J. (living - name protected for privacy)
Attended Donner Elementary School. Earned Honorary Discharge from the Army in 1947. Married (spouse d.) August 1, 1947 in Gretna, La.
Their children are: two living children, names protected for privacy; and Gillis Joseph (d. 1952); Russell Joseph (d. 1995); Brenda Marie (d. 1996); Paul (d. 2003); Gerald (d. 2006)

P.J. (living - name protected for privacy)
Career military, retired 1991. Married in 1950 (spouse living).
Two living children; names protected for privacy.

Malvina (Melvin) Margaret
Married 1 - spouse (d). Married 2 - spouse living.
Children are:
Cheryl married (spouse d.); two children, four grandchildren.
Karen married; three children, two grandchildren
Marlene married (spouse d.); two children, three grandchildren
Ricky five children, four grandchildren
Pam married; no children
Chris one child

Privacy/Security Issues: I asked all of my living relatives that I could locate for permission to include information about them on this site. Some did not want their information published on the web, and others preferred I not include certain types of information (for example, birth dates) or did not respond to my request. In all cases I have respected their wishes.

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