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 Did Somebody Mention Grandkids?
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Jean Dinger
Voissement with
her grandchildren
Here they are in
They just get cuter
as they get older,
 don't they?

Jean's grandkids
are a
good lookin' bunch
  Tom Guidry
Another proud
Brenda Bourgeois
This lil' rascal is
always ready...
whether it's to
travel or to party....
& you can bet

those big brown
eyes get Granny's
Brenda's a
proud Granny
Ron Champagne
(far rt. bk.)  w/
wife & son;
daughter w/husband
and grandchildren
The family pride..... and joy! C'mon grandpa....
go faster
Kathy Jackson's
 beauty plus  personality Proud Grandmama
Proud Grammy
Sharon Wallace
  displays her
And let's
not forget Mom
& Dad!
A new one! Update 2006!

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